Born From Junk
"Born From Junk" traces the outlaw roots of mountain biking back to its raw beginnings in Crested Butte, where a crew of unlikely pioneers in pursuit of wild times in the mountains blossomed into a global phenomenon. 
This two-part documentary series allowed us the opportunity to uncover a number of unsung heroes who laid the foundation for mountain biking. Most of these folks never sought any recognition for their contributions, and some never pursued mountain biking beyond its scratch beginnings. For the most part, they rode bikes for fun and out of necessity, long before it became a multi-billion dollar industry spanning cross country, enduro, and downhill disciplines.
Through this project we were able to share numerous untold stories and celebrate the characters who embodied the outlaw spirit of exploring wild places on two wheels.
A Buttery Film
Directed by Mike Horn & Galin Foley
Produced by Mike Horn
Narrative Cinematography by Joel Wolter & Rex Lint
Documentary Cinematography by Galin Foley & Jesse Levine
Aerial Cinematography by Mike Hagadorn & Joel Wolter
Edited by Galin Foley
Audio mix by Scotty Beam & Cleod9 Music
Color by Andrew Ceen
Graphic Design by Joe Polevy
Story Editor Drew Pogge
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